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Samantha Marie. I like root beer floats and cheesecake. This blog is OD boring but apparently people read it, or at least look at the pictures. I'm semi-legal, I can smoke but I can't drink - I don't do either anyway. I'm fun sometimes.

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    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Samantha Marie [ 11:29 AM ] | 1 comments

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    Nice meeting you Ray.
    Had fun with some friends yesterday. They stole the good polaroids so I
    hate them.

    Samantha Marie [ 7:57 PM ] | 1 comments

    Friday, November 9, 2007
    my dad isn't down with me switching majors. You know what I say to that? Ok daddy. HAHA. My dad does not play. I need to wash my hair and I want to go home. I miss my sister. Anyone trying to sell the the Hannah Montana dance mat for dirt - i'll take a nds even a vnds? Toys-R-Us is selling for like $30 I'm not trying to pay that hyped up price. haha. My sister would love to have that and i'll dance with her on it - no shammmeee innn myyy gammeee. (yeah I throw irrelevant phrases around). I'm going to take her to see Bee Movie as soon as I get a chance.. mostly because I want to see it. I'm a jerry seinfeld fan, sue me.

    OMG i didn't know there was a designwithinreach store in NY though. Whenever I get an apartment, thats the first place I'm going. dwr is niccceee. I wish I would have went in, their furniture is great, ikea is wayyy better on the scale.

    Changing my screen name. I'll throw it to you for $45 meetup + 4% paypal.
    NY was crazy. I was felt up in line, freezing to death, pushed, yelled at, etc. It was all worth it in the end imo. Supreme trainers are awesome too bad I couldn't get my size but at least I got Ray a pair.

    Dangers of multitasking: I guess I can't be both awesome & fantastic at the same time?

    Oh no she di-innntttt

    Samantha Marie [ 2:28 PM ] | 0 comments